LETTER: New school while funds fail

I note, on page 8 of last week's Observer that several of our schools are in difficulties owing to under funding, which seems to have had a severe impact on West Sussex. Luckily some of them have been helped by the generosity of Synergy Learning Products Ltd.

Sunday, 9th July 2017, 11:00 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:20 pm

The scandal of under-funding in schools is selling our children short. Class sizes on the increase, subject choices being restricted, staffing levels being cut, essential maintenance being compromised, and our caring government trying to eliminate school dinners.

Why are our state schools having to survive on handouts when, as I noted on page 7 of the same paper, millions of pounds of our money are being spent on rebuilding the old Convent in Hunston Road as a new ‘free school’ for which there seems to be no proven necessity?

The article states that the new school will cater for ‘more than 1,200 students’.

Where, one wonders, will these students come from?

Presumably they will be the same ones who would otherwise have attended our existing local schools, so that their numbers will fall; an ideal opportunity for further funding cuts.