LETTER: No mention of the AONB

I do not wish to have a protracted argument with Dick Pratt but in his March 24 response to my letter of February 25, there is not a single mention of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in which Bosham is situated, which was the subject of my original letter. How strange!

Friday, 8th April 2016, 12:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:41 pm

Incidentally, his attempt to smear the fact that I live within this AONB is just the ‘kettle calling the copper black’ as he also lives in the AONB and my property was built (on a brown field site, a pig farm plus nursery, not a paddock) about a quarter of a century before I bought it, so I was not spoiling anything. This property, on a private road, can only be seen from a very short section of public space, a matter of a few yards long section of Crede Lane, a cul de sac.

This avoidance of discussing the AONB was very apparent during the presentations leading to the local vote as no one at the meetings that I was able to attend would even discuss it; organisers present just turned to the next person waiting to speak to them when I tried to raise the question, hence the plan finally submitted to residents gave them no choice to invoke the AONB restrictions which the independent inspector says must be paramount (Democracy?).

So the fact that the plan put forward represented the views of the people of Bosham hardly holds water, as they were not allowed to vote on all options.

K. W. Newby

Elm Park