LETTER: No such thing as a free lunch

So there is no such thing as a free lunch after all.

Saturday, 27th May 2017, 1:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:49 pm

We welcome the Tory manifesto to abolish free lunches as we consider this to be a distraction from our work ethic at this school.

If you agree with us you may apply using the West Sussex guidelines adapted for our priorities as set out below. We encourage you to attend our Governors’ meeting on July 4 if you are able to.

St Toryians School, Chichester

Our motto is ‘Floreat St Toryians’ which mirrors that of our predecessor St Trinians and that of a well- known public school.

Our governors offer skills in business, marketing and IT without the encumbrance of formal educational qualifications at a high level and we do not encourage representation from the elected local authority.

Our teaching staff may be NQT (Non- Qualified Teachers) if they can demonstrate qualities of leadership and endurance as in the SAS.

Our curriculum is ‘fit for purpose’ within government guidelines but not hostage to a wasteful national curriculum that spends too much time on useless subjects like history and sociology for example.

Our sponsors are few and we would like there to be more, especially if they fit the rubric set by one of our governors in the creation of this school on business lines adapted to a media age rather than a fossilised view of education based on virtue, learning and manners.

Our parents and volunteers. Gone are the days when schooling was left to the experts.

We therefore encourage participation at many levels most importantly in fund raising for extras such as trips out.

Alwyn Dow

Upton Brooks