LETTER: Now the Battle for Britain

Politicians of all the main parties and our European partners did not understand the British public are against the free movememt of the EU because it worked all right when the countries had the same living standards and wages as us but when the Eastern Europeans joined as they had lower wages etc they came here in very large numbers and changed our towns and cities, bringing in their own shops and speaking their own language, took our homes that were in short supply, also our jobs and used our NHS services and benefits.

Tuesday, 2nd August 2016, 12:30 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 5:41 pm

That is the reason that English and Welsh people voted to leave.

Any politician who thinks that they can allow any free movement will be unelectable.

We had the Battle of Britain in 1940 when we stood alone against Hitler, the continent waited for us to release them from German control.

They did not put conditions on us then so why should they now want to stop trading with us unless we agree with their conditions.

It is now the Battle for Britain when we can get back our towns and cities, our National Health Service instead of it being multi national health service.

There is talk about the EU people who are here to be able to stay. That is going to cause trouble if it is not on some sort of points system.

British people will believe that they have been cheated if we cannot get back control of our towns and cities and people speaking English.

If the politicians of all parties do not act on what the people have voted for it will lead to peole like the National Front and other groups like that getting support.

W. Wolforth

West Meads