LETTER: Option will stop our access

A discreet consultation in the usual manner of Linden Homes and Miller Homes with the ready assistance of district and county councillors is in progress.

Tuesday, 18th April 2017, 10:00 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:20 pm

The favoured option appears to be one which completely stops the short and straightforward access via Sherborne Road Chichester to the A27, Tesco and Chichester College.

The alternative option is to push traffic around Oliver Whitby Road and Neville Road. [See www.chires.org/sherborne]

The reason given is that the Whitehouse Farm development will generate too much additional traffic on Sherborne Road.

It is an outrageous cheek to make existing residents suffer for the benefit of developers who can and should provide a known solution to problems they cause on the land which they are developing.

An explanation should also be given by West Sussex County Council planners as to why they are willing to reduce overall traffic capacity without providing additional capacity nearby.

Sherborne Road is designated as a C class road, designed and built as a direct through road between the then A27 and St Paul’s Road and now people use it regularly often daily to access the additional facilitates

and homes built since then as well as to come from and go further afield via the A27.

As well as the difficulty caused to users of Sherborne Road and those who wish to receive them as friends, colleagues, customers or employees, people living in St Paul’s Road, on the Northgate gyratory and Orchard Street will suffer from increased pollution from the increased diverting traffic, often with idling engines as the inevitable jams occur.

I urge all who oppose this plan to write to the leader of West Sussex County Council which is responsible for Highways and the leader of Chichester District Council which is responsible for approving the development of Whitehouse Farm.

Mike White

Exeter Road