LETTER: Park access needs thought

I read with interest your recent article regarding the proposed access to/from Cathedral Business Park (CBP) and the A259.

Wednesday, 16th August 2017, 12:30 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:23 pm

This proposal seems to have no original thoughts and little consideration on the effects that it will have on the already congested A27 Bognor roundabout and the dangers that it will impose at the proposed traffic lights and the tailbacks onto the A27.

The Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) states that the proposal will cause no tailbacks onto the A27, however, consideration needs to be given to the fact the tailback coming from the east on the A259 generally extends beyond Brick Kiln for a large portion of the day, therefore traffic exiting from CBP westwards will move at best two or so cars per signal change as well as causing extensive danger from cars half crossing on the eastbound side of the A259 and possible resulting tailback to the A27.

Existing proposals for the junction will considerably affect the current gridlock that occurs on the A27 Bognor roundabout because any traffic going to the CBP coming from the west will end up entering the roundabout twice and likewise from the east once.

This will considerably worsen the current unacceptable congestion on the A27 and continue to promote the Chichester as an unacceptable area for doing business/shopping.

What happened to the proposal for A27 improvements which included a roundabout where the proposed traffic lights are to be?

Why is this not being reconsidered, as it would allow a better flow of traffic and less danger. With the Runcton Road re-directed into it (as proposed by Highways England) this would further reduce congestion and dangers.

The proposed TRO shows total lack of any originality and professionalism towards management of traffic at the CBP junction and within the estate.

With careful layout of traffic flow within the estate it is possible to set-up traffic lights that would allow simultaneous flow of traffic to and from the estate in all four directions within a single traffic light period.

I suggest that this should be seriously considered as it would address some of the problems and dangers that the current proposal presents, however, it does require a bit of originality and forethought.