LETTER: Pollution side of A27 options

Much has been written about the need to cure the traffic congestion on the A27 and around the south of Chichester.

Sunday, 6th March 2016, 11:45 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:31 pm

There is, however, one aspect I have not seen mentioned which I think is overridingly important for the larger number of people, and that is air pollution.

Both during its construction and subsequent use the southern route will generate far more air pollution affecting a larger number of people (everyone in Chichester during the prevailing South West wind).

It could be argued that in these circumstances, it is very unfortunate to be currently encouraging the high density development in Kingsham, flanking this route.

Clearly it is possible for a substantial part of the northern route to be within a cutting without risking flooding, this together with bunding would largely eliminate sound pollution and render much traffic unseen. There would be air pollution but this would be minimal compared with the Southern Route, affecting far fewer people – if any.

Local people who live and work south of the Downs, particularly those living and/or working in Chichester and district (and perhaps Bognor and district) should be given the opportunity to vote upon whether they would prefer a northern trunk route which is far more likely to eliminate congestion on their access routes to all facilities in Chichester, than a modified Southern route.

There will be two occasions this year when people’s choices on major issues will be sought, the latter being the E.U. Exit question – it should not be difficult to add this as a separate ballot at one of these. It might encourage more people to vote on the other issues as well!

Richard Beeny

Runcton Lane