LETTER: Problem of over population

The UK does not have a shortage of housing. Our country is, however, grossly over-populated.

Friday, 19th January 2018, 12:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:41 am

To those of your correspondents who advocate we should remain members of the EU please note the following:

Dimitris Avramopoulos, the European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, recently published a startling opinion, advocating more immigration as an inescapable reality to which European citizens should just adapt without any further discussion.

Not widely disclosed to the public is a report issued by the University College, London, that, between 1995 and 2011, immigrants cost the UK taxpayer between £144billion and £159billion. With the huge increase in the number of immigrants since 2011 the financial burden on taxpayers must have increased proportionately.

No doubt, many immigrants do contribute to the nation’s wealth and sustain, for example, the NHS but, on the downside, immigrants have brought us terrorist attacks, a massive rise in crime and the sight of armed police on our streets.

In London, where the indigenous population is now below 50 per cent, the year on year crime rate rose by 27.1 per cent. Youth homicides increased by 70 per cent. Serious youth violence is up 19 per cent. Robbery is up 33.4 per cent, while home burglaries rose by 18.7 per cent. Thefts increased by over 10,000 incidents in a year, up 33.9 per cent, Alarmingly, there were more than 4,000 additional knife crime incidents, a rise of 31.3 per cent. Rape in the capital rose by 18.3 per cent, and there were 2,551 incidents of gun crime, a rise of 16.3 per cent on the previous year.

Meanwhile, we have seen new and ingenious forms of sociopathic behaviour, such as the epidemic of acid attacks. The mayor of London, Mr Khan, continuously blames central government’s ‘police cuts’ for this shocking increase. Is he right? There has been a small reduction in the number of police officers, but there are still 30,379 of them in the Metropolitan Police. The Met has an annual budget of £2billion and £240million of reserves.

In the month following the deportation of 2,000 illegal immigrants the crime rate in Norway fell by 72 per cent.

Since opening their doors to immigrants peaceful Sweden has gone from being a quiet, low-crime country to being the country with the second-highest incidence of rape in the world. Sweden has experienced a 1,472 per cent increase in the annual number of rapes. The Swedish media recently reported that police no longer have time to investigate rape cases because of the many murders.

All those immigrants who commit crime, and those who are here illegally, should be deported forthwith.

President Erdogan of Turkey has made it clear it is a violation of their human rights for some migrants to assimilate into Western society. The thousands who agree with Erdogan must be asked, or made, to leave the UK. Such a policy would result in a reduction in crime and a huge decline in the demand for more houses.

As the EU negotiators have made it clear there can be no trade deal unless we agree to the free movement of EU citizens, clearly, further talks with Barnier are a waste of time.