LETTER: Same dilemma new location

Just before the last general election, there was a campaign spearheaded by Cllr Louise Goldsmith to bring a solution to the bypass chaos and local air pollution. I do not share her brand of party politics, but I do very much share her love of Sussex and wish her well.

Friday, 22nd July 2016, 1:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 5:41 pm

The campaign started well with MPs,business and general public giving her support, millions of pounds were promised and things began to happen, various options were hinted at. Then the inevitable occurred, the financial support dwindled, the various schemes narrowed to just four, the most likely are a series of miserable little road changes and traffic lights which will reduce the east-west traffic to hiccuping along the by-pass and very little help for the north-south commuters.

The so-called traffic planners have confined their ‘consultations’ to Chichester city and adjacent parishes. The Manhood Peninsular, the Witterings and Bognor Regis have been left out, these commuters are not given the opportunity to give their opinion locally.

I remember yonks ago, WSCC produced a very acceptable by-pass scheme along the northern outskirts of Worthing, it involved a flyover at Offington Corner, skirted the built up area and rejoined the A27 at Sompting - it died! It was said at the time because of the imposing residences and not forgetting the all important golf course which would be trimmed, it failed. Now daily we hear of traffic jams along that stretch.

I see a parallel between the Worthing abandonment and our own dilemma, do you?

Len Eyles

Worcester Road