LETTER: We remain a sovereign nation

The jaw-dropping brazenness of Vote Leave's truth-free campaign continues apace.

Sunday, 19th June 2016, 11:30 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:03 pm

The Leavers’ campaign revolves around wrapping themselves in our flag, but they would suffocate us all in its embrace. Their deceitful claims insult the intelligence of voters.

Deceit Number one: after Brexit more money would be spent on the NHS. Really? Gove, Johnson, IDS: not people known for their commitment to saving the health service. Farage leads a party who have advocated abolishing free healthcare.

Leavers also claim the EU costs the UK £350m per week. This is simply not true. The rebate, EU funding for a host of activities and the volume of business that we do with the EU mean that we are in net profit from the arrangement.

They claim immigration would be reduced after Brexit. However, the ‘Australian-style’ points system to which the Leavers have now turned in desperation, after a tour of Norway, Switzerland and Albania, would probably result in greater net migration to the UK, according to immigration experts (that is, people who actually think about the subject).

Next claim: Turkey is joining the EU. Just, simply, no.

Final big deceit: we have ceded all of our sovereignty to the EU. This is always trotted out as a broad concept. However, in truth we are and will remain a sovereign nation that makes its own laws in every major policy area.

People who truly take pride in our country’s values and care about our future will vote Remain on June 23rd.

Kevin Hughes

Adelaide Road