LETTER: Where to get gas from?

I am delighted to note that our new chief executive, Nathan Elvery, has observed that we have, '˜rivers, coast and sunshine' (as, indeed, do more than 50 counties of Great Britain), but I'm not sure why he believes these are a substitute for conventional energy sources.

Monday, 24th October 2016, 12:00 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:39 am

Our rivers have no gradient that would generate power, our coast has a tidal range of about six metres, but no stream greater than two knots, except in the Looe Channel and we don’t enjoy many more hours of sunshine than his former domicile of Croydon.

The mouth of the Arun might generate enough electricity to run the funfair but where are we supposed to obtain gas from?

We had plenty in the North Sea until it was used to fire power stations and now we’re importing shale gas from the USA, along with wood chips.

I was under the impression that councillors were elected to formulate policy, while officers of the council were there to carry it out.

If Mr Elvery is going to make a habit of posing in front of County Hall and presenting his own views, perhaps he can advise me what to do when the gas runs out and my boiler won’t light.

I have lots of solar panels but, curiously, they don’t seem to work at night.

Tony Sutcliffe

West Sussex County Council Member for Nyetimber (UKIP),

Alleyne Way

Elmer Sands