LETTER: Where will the extra traffic go?

Consultations for the improvement to the bypass seem to cause further confusion, it can only be short lived and can't please everyone. It is surely time for a decision be made for more thought to be given to the future of transport.

Friday, 11th May 2018, 7:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:44 am

The committee for the South Coast Alternative Transport Plan has foresight and should be listened to as it has a logical and comprehensive approach to the congestion in this area, which concerns the co-ordination of cars, roads, parking, buses and trains.

The situation concerning the traffic and the roads around Chichester sounds as though it is about to become a crisis for the area in the immediate future. To begin with, the A27 bypass seems to be a disaster and an alternative ‘rat-run’ via the B2178 has been established, (surface repair needed).

Now we hear there are to be considerable delays around the Stockbridge roundabout whilst the bridges are attended to, at the same time we are having bank holidays and starting summer traffic to the coast. To add to the confusion, the development at Whitehouse Farm, which has no access for building vehicles except through the city, is about to start, as well as roads in and out of the development at Shopwyke on to the bypass.

Can Highways and the council tell us what they are going to do about this inevitable extra traffic and where they are expecting all this extra traffic to go?

I suppose more will go through Boxgrove, Lavant, East Ashling and Funtington. And what about the large lorries and the tractors with their trailers on these roads, which already have numerous potholes. I hope they have thought ahead and have taken into account the congestion on this B road and the safety of one and all.

May I suggest speed cameras, notices about elderly people in the villages, speed bumps or any other form of safety warning is rapidly put into use before accidents occur in any one of these villages.

Fiona Lunch, East Ashling