LETTERS: Is Chichester boring?

In a recent edition of the Observer (Thursday 31 March), it was suggested by a councillor that Chichester was '˜boring'. Here are some more reader responses.

Monday, 18th April 2016, 12:35 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:32 pm

Update needed for our city

Chichester is definitely boring. There is no night life even though we have excellent collage and university. The shops are old fashioned and up market.

We need more down to earth shops like Primark. TK Maxx was only allowed in Chichester because of the fact it sells labelled clothing. The shops and night life needs completely updating.

There are no activity centres for the young kids either. Yes we have the beach but the running joke is we only use the beach in the winter as you cannot move around Chichester during the summer months or if Goodwood have an event.

Christine Thair

Exton Road


Suggestions if bored of city

Chichester is not salacious enough for councillor Len Macey, who advocates sex shops, strip clubs and casinos to liven the place up.

Bored out of his mind with the abundance of cultural activities on offer in the city, his mind is drawn to the seedier side of life.

May I offer these suggestions to him. Recommend to council that Chichester becomes the second city in Britain to have a legalised Red Light District.

Venues to be designated for drunken hen and stag dos.

For the summer season a Miss Glamour Model competion, and for the males a Dirty Old Man in Raincoat competition.

A naked bike ride to rival that of Brighton could bring out all the residents in a show of togetherness. Such joie de vivre!

Mary Hemmings

Virginia Gardens


No night life is what’s boring

I would like to make it clear that when I referred to Chichester as ‘boring’ I was talking about the night life, which is almost non existing after 11pm, with just, as far as I know, two pubs staying open to 1am! That’s it!

When I was in my teens, I couldn’t wait to get away from my home town of Chichester and moved to Southampton for about eight years.

It wasn’t until I came back did I realise what a really lovely place it is.

I remember saying to myself, what was I moaning about!

The only exception, as stated, no night life!

Now, with a night club/casino/entertainment centre at possibly The Barnfield Site or maybe Terminus Road, Chichester would be a 100 per cent place to live not the 95 per cent it is now.

Councillor Len Macey

Millpond Cresent