LETTER: Help protect our wildlife by recycling

AS A lover of nature and all wildlife, and someone who enjoys getting outside, I would like to stress to everyone in the local areas just how important it is to look out for our wonderful wildlife by recycling.

Saturday, 6th June 2015, 7:00 pm

Stop littering our countryside lanes, streets, and beaches, it’s fatal to our amazing creatures - foxes getting their heads stuck in plastic tubs - it’s avoidable, so do something about it.

Perhaps get out and do a two minute beach clean as mentioned on BBC Springwatch. I’m fed up of seeing McDonald’s rubbish along the roadside or up The Trundle car park!

Let’s make a difference to our marine and land creatures! Our iconic hedgehogs, they are declining, and if we all just make a small hole in our garden fences, or leave a patch of the garden a little more wild then we can work to protect our hedgehogs from becoming extinct, overall I just want to say that we are very lucky to be able to enjoy our beautiful nature and wildlife in Chichester and the surrounding areas, let’s keep it that way, so please help.

I know that I will be heading to our local beaches and picking up the rubbish,will you?

Mrs Jade Cook,

Barnfield Drive,