Looking ahead to Valentine’s Day is a bit too much forward planning

SHORTER days and longer to-do lists have left me in a bit of a muddle.

Don’t get me wrong – I like a lot of things about this time of year.

I like blankets, hot chocolates and early sunsets.

The light crisp mornings, homemade soups and carpets of autumn leaves.

Wearing jumpers and socks stolen from my boyfriend.

Watching the flickering light of roaring log fires as trashy television plays in the background.

Simple things mostly.

But as everyone counts down to Christmas, yes, I said it, I feel like the race is on.

My other role, writing for etc, a monthly magazine, doesn’t help.

For us December is done: it heads to print next week.

Which means I have already plunged into the new year. Talking resolutions and healthy eating while the real world gets ready to tuck into turkey, mince pies and all the other festive trimmings.

I joke that it makes me a time traveller, but when an email arrives with Valentine’s recipes and ideas for Easter, it’s not as funny.

I don’t like wishing time away.

Each day deserves recognition, otherwise the weeks and months blend together in a blur.

At this time of year it is so much more obvious. With so much hype, panic and planning as people get ready for December 25.

It won’t be any time at all until, with a wave of a sparkler and a sip of bubbly, we will lift our heads above the madness and realise the year is done.

This has all got me thinking.

With 2013 rushing to greet us, there are so many things I want to do.

As a result I’ve found myself making a list of new year’s resolutions already.

Putting off until January what I can’t seem to do today.

Catching up with the people I miss tops the list.

As, no matter how long or short the days are, time goes too fast.