Lower Life: Why Pompey’s court victory is not just for us

Fratton Park - now owned by Pompey's fans at the start of a new era
Fratton Park - now owned by Pompey's fans at the start of a new era

For a moment, I thought the judge was going to force me to write about gerbils named after Giannis Skopelitis, or similar, writes Steve Bone.

Had he carried the court case over to today, I’d have had to give these column inches over to other things, and you know as well as I do what sort of avenues that can lead us down.

But happily, after much to-ing and fro-ing, refreshing of internet pages, power cuts and sweating, not necessarily in that order, it all turned out rather nicely. And we awoke today as owners of our great club – a large group of people on the brink of an historic adventure.

It’s one of those occasions where it’s difficult to know what to say or where to start (not a good position for a newspaper columnist to be in, I realise).

Of course, only once the enormity of the PST takeover has sunk in and the details have been studied will we be able to properly analyse the size of the task ahead of us.

But for now, I think it’s worth reflecting that the words often uttered when a football club chairman or owner comes or goes apply as much to us and the trust as it does to anyone.

“We’re just custodians,” they say. And so we are.

Yes, we have battled to buy the club for the here and now because the alternative was, very probably, liquidation. And that means, in the short term, we can look forward to exciting times, very likely in League Two.

But what everyone involved in the PST has done is secured the club for the long-term. And that’s more important.

My son, now ten, started taking a serious interest in Pompey less than two years ago. That interest has grown stronger, too, despite this favourite player being sold, or that one being loaned out and never seen again. He thinks threats of Pompey going out of business, or having to pay in a non-league division, are the norm. A hearing at the High Court? Yeah, but what’s for tea?

In time, he’ll come to realise it’s not the norm, and that he now has a club he can support all his life.

Yesterday’s victory was for the next generation and beyond. And for that, the PST deserve huge credit and – and a few beers when you see them.

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