Major clear-out leads to all the fun of a car boot sale success

Car boots are weird and wonderful things.

With the sun barely in the sky, bleary-eyed stall holders set up in fields across the country, in the hope one man’s trash will be another man’s treasure.

Last weekend, after a clear-out of epic proportions, my sister, mum, partner and I joined in the fun.

Having managed to unearth enough unwanted stuff to fill two cars, I am proud to announce I am no longer scared of what is under my bed. Or in my cupboards.

And while the end result feels fantastic, I have to admit I enjoyed doing it even more.

Finding forgotten treasures, like my cow-shaped teapot and roll of Astroturf, the discovery of which received a raised eyebrow and ‘I feel like I am getting to know you better’, from my partner trying to suppress a smile.

My sister unearthed three sets of fairy wings from her room and decided to keep them ‘just in case’.

Despite our questionable collection of items, people pounced before we’d even unfolded the pasting table.

After what seemed like ages we were set up and sat down, cradling a much-needed cuppa after our 5am start.

The people-watching was in a league of its own – as a man wandered past with an outboard motor and a giant toy penguin seemed to float by as it eclipsed its tiny new owner.

Soon the sun was beating down, meaning I had to take cover under a scarf and sombrero we were trying to sell.

However my appearance didn’t put off the bargain hunters, my sale of the day had to be an old chunky microwave for 50p as I was so glad not to have to take it home.

We came away with half of what we had come with (which we dropped off at a charity shop on the way) as well as a new perspective on our hoarding habits – let’s see how long that lasts.