Make Up Tips with Louise Arram

Louise Arram with Sophie
Louise Arram with Sophie

Well I can finally say I’m one happy girlie today...

I had the privilege of spending the morning with one of the lovely ladies from the Chanel counter in Boots, Chichester.

I had a lovely mini-facial/makeover on counter.

I’ve included some photos of the makeover, so don’t be afraid to ask one of the beauty consultants for help and advice.

Everyone who knows me knows I’m a huge fan of Coco Chanel and her style of fashion in the couture industry. Karl Lagerfeld now designs for Chanel.

Even though we can only dream of wearing a piece from any collection, even owning the Chanel bag is a luxury.

The makeup/skincare/perfume is something we can have and don’t have to dream about.

The packaging is classic but beautiful in its black patent box with gold piping around the edging.

And of course the beautiful Marilyn Monroe used to wear Chanel No 5 in bed.

Back to the makeover I had in Boots.

Photograph one shows Sophie preparing my skin with eye cream after cleansing and toning, very relaxing, I have to say.

In photograph two, Sophie has put on the cream foundation, concealer and powder and is following up with contouring the face, which is very important to us ladies who want to add more structure on our faces. She then applied a bronzer (matte) to contour my face to give it more definition.

Photograph four shows the finished result.

We wanted to create a natural daytime look, and I think we did!

If you ever want to have a makeover but you’re feeling scared, don’t be, most beauty consultants will be happy to have a consultation with you and recommend having a mini-makeover.

Some counters will have a minimal charge and some won’t.

Ciao for now.