MAXINE HARLEY: It's time to count your blessings!

It's all very well being advised to focus upon the good things in life and to count our blessings. It can be difficult to do that, and not allow the negative news and bad experiences to get in the way.

Thursday, 7th April 2016, 12:47 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:41 pm
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It’s too easy for most of us to revert back to our familiar and ingrained default psychological position. That place of fear, focusing on what we don’t have, and worrying about the future.

It takes committed effort to shift our default programming. Particularly if we have doubts that any form of ‘positive thinking’ really works - even though there is abundant research from the positive psychology movement to say that it does indeed change our perceptions, expectations and outcomes.

We can even express gratitude and appreciation for how far we’ve come in life - no matter how much further we have to go.

It can’t do any harm to focus upon what we do appreciate, and want more of in our lives.

Say to yourself...

‘I really enjoy having this experience of ........... in my life right now and I’m truly grateful for how it feels.’ (e.g. vibrant health, love, financial wealth.)

It’s important to repeat this several times every day. Re-programming the mind takes time and repetition. Your conscious mind will be resistant to anything that challenges what it sees as ‘real’!

Here’s a habit that you might also like to carry out every night before sleeping.

Think of (or speak/write down) three things that you feel grateful and appreciative about from your day... no matter how small they may seem.

After two nights increase this to five things -–and after a week increase it to 10.

Notice, appreciate and absorb your gratitude for what life gives to you, and you’ll open yourself up to receiving even more of it.

If the Law Of Attraction works for Oprah and Hilary Clinton, as well as countless other people, then there’s every reason to believe it will work for you too.

Gratitude and appreciation brings us more to feel grateful for.

We attract what we feel – so let’s make it good!

Maxine Harley (MSc Psychotherapy)

Maxine Harley has a masters degree in psychotherapy, has written two books, and created four new approaches to psychological, emotional and physical well-being. She lives happily in Chichester with her daughter and grandson.