Midhurst nursing home sale is retrograde step for town

The Editor in Chief of these local newspapers, stated that the titles were 100 per cent committed to keeping our town centres vibrant. Indeed Comment in the Chichester Observer (15th November) was to endorse a wholesale review of our town centres.

Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 9:54 am
Updated Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 10:57 am

On 12th September and on the 18th October I sent a letter to our MP Gillian Keegan pointing out the overwhelming local opposition to Chichester District Council’s decision to sell the important Midhurst town centre Grange site to a nursing home provider. I specifically asked what steps she can take to support the residents in this matter.

I regret to report that no acknowledgement or reply has been received (at the time of writing).

I find it extremely sad that our Member of Parliament, unlike her excellent predecessor, appears unable to have the courtesy to reply to one of her constituents on a matter affecting the well being of our town.

“Working hard for the residents of Chichester’s constituency” is our MPs stated aim.

However laudable this may sound it apparently doesn’t include the majority of residents in Midhurst.

The leader of Chichester District Councillor, Tony Dignum, the prime mover of this bid acceptance, sums it up best when he states that ‘Gillian and I have worked extremely well together’.

As the largest remaining central site in Midhurst this decision to sell to Montpelier Estates for a nursing home is a retrograde step in reviving our town centre.

Ian Buchanan, Carron Lane, Midhurst