MILLY LUXFORD: My last chance to get my own back on the boss before I get a new one...

Today has been a good day! I spent my morning publicly humiliating my boss in the centre of Chichester.

I achieved this by making him dress up as a pirate and then proceed to do some feeble magic tricks to whoever would stop and watch (big shout out to Sian Harris… one of the few who did). I really do have the greatest job.

Have you ever fancied humiliating your boss for no good reason? I actually get to do this on a regular basis. Granted it’s his fault for being so totally rubbish at quizzes.

Allow me to explain...

Every afternoon we play The Game of Shame, a little quiz between myself, Stuart McGinley (the boss) and Pete Denton, our head of news.

Whoever scores the least points at the end of each month has to partake in a humiliating forfeit and as I mentioned, as luck would have it McGinley is REALLY bad.

So much so that I have to organise another humiliating forfeit for him between now and when I leave on March 20 (after ten years, I am still struggling with this somewhat) so if you do have any suggestions at all as to how I can achieve this on a monumental ‘goodbye from me’/’no chance of you forgetting me now’ scale, I would really appreciate any help/tips/pointers/advice.

Anyway, this leads me on quite nicely as to why I am talking about Stuart because once I do leave he will be taking on this little column, sharing his ponderings and reflections with you…

Just don’t expect any half-decent quiz knowledge, unless it’s about Eurovision or 1980s music, that is.

Which reminds me – the UK’s Eurovision entry... have you heard it?

This great nation of ours, forerunners and leaders in the music industry, home of the Beatles, Queen, Led Zepplin, The Stones, Radiohead, Pink Floyd… and Electro Velvet.

Still, it is actually so bad it will probably fare quite well in the world of Eurovision. Enough said really.

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