PHIL PACKER 2012 Miles...West Sussex is the right location to build a Centre of Inspiration

An update and a message from Phil Packer MBE, who continues to inspire thousands of young people on his 2012 mile walk around Great Britain:

After a long road trip to the North East including York, Harrogate and Skipton, I have had a few days in West Sussex to prepare myself before heading out on the road for my next extended trip.

I have been walking every day in West Sussex and this has given me the opportunity to spend time on BRIT the charity, answer emails and post, support other charities I have roles with and attend a few meetings.

At the same time my thoughts are never far from BRIT, as the young people I meet are a constant reminder of the need to build the BRIT Centre to support youth post trauma.

For a while now I have been looking for the right location to build the centre in West Sussex. I know in my heart and in my head West Sussex is the right location to build a Centre of Inspiration that will serve our community as well as young people from across Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The relationships shared with The Lord Lieutenant of West Sussex, the Duke and Duchess of Richmond and Gordon, Lord and Lady March, the Dean of the Cathedral, the Chairman of West Sussex County Council, The South Downs National Park Authority, Chichester University, West Dean College and Chichester College, all of whom have been great friends and supporters, gives me a great deal of strength and determination that the right site will be found.

West Sussex is a place of staggering natural beauty and the proximity to the sea, Goodwood, and the South Downs means that BRIT will be in a positive and inspiring setting for young people to come and rebuild their lives post-trauma.

Several locations have been brought to my attention and discussions have taken place, but for one reason or another they have not been right. BRIT is not looking for a large piece of land, but about five acres where a Centre of Inspirational Excellence can be built that will benefit our community with voluntary support, shared facilities and be a hub for young people and local charities.

BRIT has secured architectural support amounting to £600,000 and we have partnered with The Prince’s Foundation so the centre is built beautifully. If you, or someone you know, has a suitable piece of land that you might be willing to donate please do get in touch. I have always wanted to ensure we do not duplicate effort and that we offer shared facilities that would benefit the right landowner or establishment that has the vision to see there is no risk involved in helping BRIT.

Thanks to everyone in our community for supporting me.