Practising Pilates by Julie Regan

Q: Can You Get Fit in 25 seconds?

I don’t have a television, however I was asked about a recent TV show that claimed the optimum amount of exercise for a good level of fitness is 25 seconds per day. Really?

The thing is, for average Jo (or Mary) Blogs, I don’t believe their current fitness level would reach the intensity required for a 25-second workout to be effective enough.

I agree, however, that a little every day can make bigger improvements than an hour two to three times per week.

Your body must be encouraged to develop the neural pathways that keep your strength and flexibility’s effectiveness at their best levels.

Consider a game of tennis.

When you begin to play, your ball to racquet skills will probably be pretty inaccurate.

As you start to play more, you have a higher success rate of hitting the ball – this is because you’re enhancing your neural pathways from brain to muscle with training.

Practice makes perfect and this holds true for muscle-brain training.

So in summary if you have an Olympian fitness level to begin with then the 25 seconds per day claim might work.

For those of us who aren’t quite at that level just yet, here is a fabulous Pilates exercise you can do each day to improve muscle-brain reaction.

The Wall Roll Down: Begin by leaning against a wall with your feet six to ten inches away from the wall (tum tucked in).

Keep your shoulders away from your ears, chest wide and ribs down.

Nod your head to begin slowly rolling your spine down, away from the wall.

As the roll down progresses, deepen the scoop of the abs.

Work slowly, peeling the spine away from the wall, letting your head and neck relax.

Roll down as far as you can go without letting your hips leave the wall.

Then roll back up to the start position.

Modify the exercise by only going down as far as you are comfortable, and bending your knees slightly.