Practising Pilates by Julie Regan

Q After my pilates session, I ache. Should I work through this or delay another session until I feel ‘normal’?

Firstly, there could be a number of reasons for you feeling sore or aching after your workout.

The generic term for this is known within the fitness industry as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

It is thought that microscopic tears within the tissue have affected your muscles.

This is fairly normal when you exercise as your body then has to work to repair this and the result is that (providing it’s not a major injury) they will rebuild themselves to be stronger.

If you still feel pain three or four days after the session, then I advise that you do gentle stretching to ease the symptoms and to relax sore muscles with a hot bath.

When practicing pilates you need to use your mind just as much as your body so you are fully aware of how correctly aligned your body is, during each exercise.

Pilates is quite an exact form of exercise and although I am a great advocate for challenging your body, you need to be aware of your safety comfort zone.

I have a personal trainer who trains me to use my muscles for strength and speed.

When I feel DOMS setting in, I definitely use pilates to stretch out my muscles.

So the bottom line is, if you are sure your body is simply complaining from a harder workout than you are used to, it’s fine to work though this ache so long as you remain mindful during your next session and place a little more focus on stretch and flexibility and keep the strength working for when you are fully back to normal.

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