STUART McGINLEY: Being strong and united in the face of it all

In a world of 24/7 news channels and seemingly non-stop images of death and destruction from across the globe, every now and then something appears that just makes you stop and think.

For me, this happened last week with the tenth anniversary of the London bombings.

It was one of those ‘remember where you were’ moments when that story broke on the morning of July 7, 2005, not too surprisingly I was in a radio studio on air doing a radio show when we heard of an incident in the capital.

At first we thought it was an explosion caused by a power surge underground, but the all too painful and shocking truth unfolded over the following hours and days of another terrorist attack on British soil.

I was really moved by the scenes on TV last week of Londoners and commuters stopping to observe a minute’s silence to remember the 52 people who lost their lives.

There was no commentary from the reporters, just silence as we witnessed people standing still at Liverpool Street, Edgware Road, Kings Cross, Russell Square and the scene of the bus explosion, Tavistock Square.

Needless to say, the effects of this atrocity are still felt by Londoners and the family of the victims to this very day.

Those who were injured and killed were just doing something we do every day, travelling to work, and it does make you think how easily

‘this could have been me’, but the emotions of sadness and anger were mixed with a feeling of pride at how people then and now defy the

terrorists and pull together.

Terrorism is nothing new on British soil, of course, and I remember growing up to constant news of IRA atrocities and bombings in the 70s

and 80s, but the world feels like an increasingly dangerous place with the recent attack in Tunisia still fresh in our minds, and people

seemingly brainwashed by ISIS to take their own young children into a war zone.

However, one thing will never change.

If we all remain strong and united, they will never succeed in changing our way of life, our values, freedoms and faiths, whatever

our beliefs.

They just make us stronger.

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