STUART McGINLEY: I’m loving my television set of the future

I don’t know if it’s the hot weather, but I’ve gone a bit mad lately when it comes to spending money.

I’m usually the responsible one, always questioning if we really need to buy something new when what we have will do.

For example, last week me and the other half talked about getting a new telly. We’ve had the current one for over six years but it’s got a

lovely picture and in full working order.

“We can get one of those ‘smart’ TVs,” my partner said. “No,” I firmly replied, we don’t need one, what a silly idea!”

Then just a few hours later when bored, I was flicking through the channels and stumbled across a nice shiny new smart TV being provocatively demonstrated on one of the shopping channels…

My initial thought was ‘no’, then ‘maybe’, followed by ‘it’s free delivery, interest free easy payments’. Suddenly, before I knew it, an email pinged up on my phone saying order confirmed – it’s just too easy these days!

Said TV duly arrived a few days later and we are very happy with it, although ironically, smart TVs really don’t seem that clever if you have no instruction manual and an endless array of new buttons, features and apps to play with and download.

The telly is so clever, it can even learn what shows you like and recommend what to watch, you can stream content and even see people tweeting on your screen about what you are watching, a very nice feature, but you do find yourself becoming increasingly engrossed on this, rather than the show itself.

Only thing it doesn’t do just yet is make the tea, but I am sure that is a new feature that we can download over the internet in the near future, I just need to remember where my Wi-Fi password is!

It’s amazing to think how fast technology has changed over the past 30 years.

I remember being over the moon with my first bedroom telly, a small black and white portable with a whopping four channels to choose from!

Makes you wonder what will be available to us in the coming decades... probably more shopping channels…

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