STUART McGINLEY: Sometimes the news just leaves me baffled

LIKE me, you’ve probably not taken too much notice of the Labour leadership contest apart from the panic from all the rivals of Jeremy Corbyn as the possibility he might actually win becomes reality.

One story that did catch my ear this week was his idea to introduce women-only train carriages to protect women from sexual assault.

Initially some may think this is a good idea, but when you think about it in detail, will it actually work or just move the problem away from the train carriage to somewhere else?

This also implies that most men are violent and sexual predators, I have been on some trains where ladies have been just as loud

and aggressive, courtesy of too much alcohol, of course.

Personally, I think it would be very sad if we start looking at gender segregation instead of trying to tackle the actual problem itself, surely this plan would be a step backwards?

Also, what happens if a woman travels with her male partner or husband on the train, would they have to split up?

Seems a ludicrous idea to me and a more practical reason will probably stop this idea in its tracks, and that will be a lack of capacity on our rail network.

I couldn’t believe the story last week about the BBC apparently looking to cut its long association with the Met Office after nearly 100 years.

Of course it makes sense for the BBC to make sure they spend our money responsibly and make sure we are getting value for money as licence fee payers, but…

What doesn’t make sense is how the corporation wastes money elsewhere, how on earth can they say that £3m is too much to pay the Met Office but they happily send what seems half the entire corporation to cover a music festival in a field at Glastonbury every year!

A nice jolly for all their staff, I’m sure, but do they really need to spend so much money on it?

Let the commercial guys cover it and give money to the Met Office as even though they often get it wrong, I know which one we would all rely on most, even to predict rain for all those revellers in Somerset!