STUART MCGINLEY: We couldn’t imagine life without our boy

Recently my partner reached the milestone age of 40, a club I joined three years ago, and do we feel any different?

Of course not, it’s just a number, although I do need to get a move on with that bucket list, or even make some sort of start! “I want to travel and see more places,” I tell myself every New Year’s Eve, but always end up going to Tenerife because I love it so much.

One thing we have noticed has changed a lot is our relationships with friends we have both known for many years, often since childhood. One by one they are all starting to have children of their own, so naturally their prioritories change and those bundles of joy quite rightly become their world.

Without any intention we have found ourselves drifting apart a little as they are either tired or spend increasing time with close family and other friends who also have babies and toddlers of a similar age.

They can all share stories about feeding, nappies, getting no sleep, etc. Their Facebook wall becomes full of pictures of cute babies and you start to feel increasingly like you have little in common with them.

We haven’t had children and even though we’ve discussed it, my partner and I are happy with our lifestyle and have our very own bundle of joy that demands our attention, Jake the four-year-old border collie!

That said, there are many comparisons to the lifestyles of our friends who have become parents, getting up early, how they demand attention, being naughty and gushing with pride when we talk about how much we 
love them.

Like any parent, we are unable to imagine life without our boy, he certainly has changed our lives for the better and my Facebook wall is full of pictures of him, too!

There’s also another parallel, and that’s about whether to extend the family and have another baby or in our case, puppy!

I am sure many parents discussed if they wanted to add a little brother or sister to the family, and that’s exactly what we can’t decide right now.

So maybe we aren’t so detached from our friends as I first thought?!

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