STUART MCGINLEY: Writing a column, changing a tyre and ‘twerking’ – in my week of firsts!

WELL, it’s been a week of firsts for me… here I am with my first-ever newspaper column!

I am sure Milly had a slightly evil look in her eyes when she asked if I would like to take over because I am never short of anything to say on the radio or in the office.

But this putting it down into words in a proper actual newspaper column is a whole new world to me.

I’m used to rambling on social media but that’s only ever in 140 characters.

So despite the fear of wondering if I will ever have anything interesting to write in this column, I am really excited about being able to write something without keeping an eye on the dreaded character counter on Twitter!

I couldn’t even think of a name, but thankfully Spirit FM listeners came to the rescue, so we have a name, a picture (stop laughing) and so here goes...

There was also another first for me last week as I attempted to change a wheel on a car for McGinley vs Milly, something I am a little embarrassed to say at the age of 42 I have never done before.

I actually managed to do it – and against the clock, too. So if I get a flat tyre while out driving in future, will I change it myself?

Of course not!

I recently made the fatal mistake of trying to change a rear brake light bulb on my car as on older vehicles it was easier.

About an hour later and with bits of plastic and cables dangling everywhere, I threw down my screwdriver in true tantrum style and called the garage. Now I wonder why car manufacturers make it so hard these days? Nothing to do with money, I am sure!

Last week ended with me parading around Chichester wearing a sandwich board, using a very loud horn and ‘twerking’.

Yes, it was yet another first for me and it really was as embarrassing as it sounds!

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