Time for chocolate - lots of it

Chestnut Tree House hospice
Chestnut Tree House hospice

Easter is approaching and that means chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

We have been having some very exciting Easter egg hunts and some very messy games with chocolate. The aroma can be overwhelming, even though I do love chocolate! The children all love it, too.

It is genuinely uplifting to see the smiles on the faces of not only the children we care for, but also their brothers and sisters, mums and dads. Coming to Chestnut Tree House is a chance to relax, and, for a short time, forget about the usual hospital appointments, care tasks, medications and so forth.

Just simply experiencing fun as a family. That is what Chestnut Tree Houses all about. Without a short break now and again, some families do not know if they could go on being carers.

It is also good to see them making the most of Spring here, in our lovely grounds. We are so lucky being located in such a stunning location – recently I’ve seen rabbits, birds, and even deer, with their young.

And our woodland walk is changing every day as more work is being done to it – the children are getting very excited about being able to experience a different part of our outdoor environment, and I am very excited about it, too.

Have a happy Easter everyone.

Chestnut Tree House, in Dover Lane, Arundel, cares for over 280 children and young adults from 0-25 years of age with progressive life-limiting conditions.

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