Traffic means Chichester's Little Breach estate is like assault course

I am a resident of Little Breach. A very nice, quiet estate built in late 1968/69, originally for people on the council house waiting list. It's different now.

Friday, 2nd November 2018, 7:00 am

We no longer live in a nice estate that you can drive through in safety. It’s now like an assault course, where you have to weave in and out of parked cars – not residents’ cars, those of people who park their cars and trot off into town, or to the college or the Nuffield hospital. We are a free car parking area.

Little Breach joins Norwich Road at the north end of our estate. This is where the accident blackspot is,

Vehicles parked on the bends, if you are driving from Little Breach into Norwich Road you have no alternative but to take that bend on the wrong side of the road – an accident waiting to happen.

Double yellow lines I don’t think are the answer, cars would only move to another spot in the road.

The estate, I think, would have to become resident parking only and that should also be applied to Norwich Road, another danger area,

Teachers of the school park on the roads from 9am until late afternoon and we have parents also dropping off their children in the morning and collecting them again mid afternoon. Roads are for driving on.

Both these areas are on a regular bus route, I am surprised the bus company hasn’t lodged complaints or withdrawn the service.

Derek Packham, Little Breach, Chichester