YOUTH MATTERS Hannah Bowering...University is a big decision and, for now, it’s not for me

University – to go or not to go? That is the daunting and big decision many people face. And one which I have had to make being in my last year at college.

Initially, I felt excited about the thought of university. This was because I had two years to decide, and it seemed a long time away.

When the time arrived to start visiting universities, everything became reality. I visited Bournemouth University and thought how amazing it looked, and realised university could be my future.

But the more I thought about it, more concerns arose, such as the rise in university fees. This is a factor which affects anyone planning on going to university. I also worried I wouldn’t enjoy the experience as much as I should because I didn’t feel passionate about going.

Although I had concerns, there are positives of going to university. Including the lifestyle and the independence.

With this in mind I applied to four different universities.

I felt the pressure because most of my friends at college were applying and at the time continuing in education seemed the best and safest option for me.

However I still didn’t feel passionate enough about something that would be my life for the next three years so I withdrew my application. I am not sure why it took until this stage for me to realise university is not for me. But once my application was withdrawn I felt a sense of relief, despite still having the worry of making plans for my future.

I had to consider the opportunities I would have if I didn’t go to university.

And do things which would help make me appeal to potential employers – such as work experience. Something which is vital if I want to pursue a career in journalism.

I have not ruled out university as an option and I could go in the future. But at this moment in time I feel it is not the right choice for me.

I do believe other students have felt the same, and have been in a similar position.

University is a big decision and one which is often underestimated.

Personally, I believe have made the right choice, but some advice I would give to people faced with the same dilemma is to consider university very carefully and consider the alternatives to ensure it’s the right choice for you.