YOUTH MATTERS Hannah Bowering...Sunshine is not the only trans-Atlantic culture shock I found...

SUNSHINE and warm weather! This is what I experienced on a recent holiday to Orlando, Florida. Making a nice change to the gloomy weather I am used to.

Tuesday, 22nd May 2012, 12:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 7:38 pm

This was my first time visiting America, a country which I want to explore more in the future. I was intrigued in the way in which America was so different to Britain.

‘Why can’t we be as relaxed in our country?’ was what I thought to myself. In Britain our lifestyles seem so hectic, a complete contrast to Florida. I liked the ‘Florida lifestyle’ because it seemed relaxed and didn’t involve rushing anywhere. Which would make a nice change from rushing around on a daily basis in my lifestyle. You can take each day as it comes and don’t have set plans.

Another bonus of this lifestyle in Florida is the hot weather, continuous throughout the year. Something which we don’t get much of in Britain.

The holiday to Florida was amazing and one which I will never forget. It’s a time when you can forget about the ‘reality’ of life at home and enjoy a completely different lifestyle.

But after ten days it was over. I then realised I could actually have this way of living by travelling around the world for a year.

An experience many people would like to have in their lifetime. I would love to travel to more countries and see the different ways of living. It interests me as to how different or similar people’s lifestyles are to mine.

Another reason which draws me into travelling is visiting the different landmarks around the world. Many people decide to go travelling within their gap year. Which is an option for me, but one obstacle that stands in mine and other students’ way is money. Travelling involves a lot of money, which a student of my age hasn’t got. Therefore it is not a possibility at the moment, but something I’d like to achieve in the future.