YOUTH MATTERS Time to move – and to dash here, there and everywhere

I’m moving house to Balham next week and I am very excited about the move.

For all those who do not know where Balham is, it is in south London on the Northern Line.

It is a lovely place to live with the underground and overground very nearby and authentic pubs and restaurants at my door step.

Moving shouldn’t be too hard for me as I only have a room full of clothes and bits to take.

Although it seems it will be quite a hectic moving weekend for me, as I will travel from London to Southampton on the Friday after work to go to a friend’s birthday celebrations.

Then on the Saturday morning I will travel from Southampton to Kent.

Then from Kent I will move all my belongings into my new Balham home.

With no time to spare I will then travel down to Lewes, near Brighton, to attend a house leaving party.

Then on Sunday morning I will travel back up to Balham to then travel to Croydon to carry out some filming.

Having only just moved in, the next weekend I will travel back down to Southampton for a Christmas girly drinks gathering and a Christmas party on the Sunday.

The next weekend will be Christmas so I will then travel back down to Southampton to spend it with my family.

So as you can see I can barely sit still for five minutes and I hope my new housemates won’t think 
I’m rude and never going to be around!

But for now I am content I have been snowed in for the past four days so have packed all my belongings, washed all my clothes and cleaned the house I’m leaving.

I’m surprised I managed to sit still long enough to write this column!

Rosalyn Paynton