Parents appeal for crossing on '˜dangerous' Mundham school road

Parents in North Mundham have voiced their concerns over the '˜dangerous' road they have to cross to drop their children at school every day.

Thursday, 18th August 2016, 5:07 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:06 pm
ks16000856-1 Chi Nth Mundham Road phot kate Amba Dixon and her son Logan, three, trying to cross the busy road at North Mundham.ks16000856-1 (Amber spelt correctly) SUS-160816-195835008

North Mundham Primary School is situated on the B2166 which runs through the village, and parents have spoken out claiming they are ‘taking their lives in their hands’ trying to get to the school every day without a safe place to cross.

Chelsea Vincent, 22, of Canal Mead, is one of the many parents facing the daily issue.

She said: “It is an absolute nightmare both in the morning and at the end of the school day.

“I live in the estate opposite the school and Sunbeams Pre-School so have to cross the road every day.”

Chelsea continued: “I have a three-year-old and a newborn, and it isn’t safe for them.

“All the other mums on the estate are in the same boat when they try to cross the road.”

Chelsea went on to say that despite there being rumours when she moved to the estate in June last year that there would be a crossing installed, nothing more has been said or done since.

“It is just so busy all the time – some days we are standing there for 15 minutes and are only able to cross if someone nice stops for us, and even then we have to wait for someone on the other side to stop,” Chelsea added.

Amba Dixon, 24, who also lives in Canal Meadm, agrees that something needs to be done.

She said: “There is just no crossing at all. It is so frustrating trying to cross to get to the nursery and being late. It is just so busy.”

Amba has a three-year-old son, Logan, who she takes to Sunbeams Pre-School.

“It not just the waiting that is bad, I also don’t want my son breathing in all the car fumes from the traffic.

“It’s so dangerous and the road is really narrow. Drivers are supposed to do 30 miles per hour along there but nobody ever does.”

A spokesperson from West Sussex County Council said: “This is not something which has been raised with us directly, so we would ask any parents with concerns to speak to staff at North Mundham Primary School.

“Teachers and staff can then work together with our school travel advisor to develop an appropriate travel plan.”