Parking safety measures needed in Midhurst

JUNE Lane residents at Midhurst have told county councillors immediate road safety measures are needed to safeguard them from “pending catastrophe.”

They want June Lane’s double yellow lines extended outside their homes to stop vehicles parking in front of their properties.

They say they are unable to see oncoming traffic when exiting their driveways due to parked cars, lorries and vans, and the speed of traffic makes it even more difficult to see beyond the parked obstructions.

The residents told the county local committee the problem had been made worse by the introduction of car parking charges bringing in motorists who did not want to pay.

But they expected a nightmare when building work began at the former St Margarets Convent with many contractors looking for nearby parking space.

Highways officer Fiona Baker said she was happy to add the request to the list of traffic regulation orders requested, but warned it would not be an overnight solution as implementation was slow.

The residents were advised to seek parking conditions when permission was granted for the development.