Parrot flew to find his Easebourne owner

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When young Chloe Blunden left her Easebourne home for a school trip, the family’s beloved parrot Buzz thought he was never going to see her again – and set off to find her.

“Buzz adores Chloe and she loves him,” said her mother Sarah, “they are a pair and when she was away, I’m sure he thought she wasn’t ever coming home. I couldn’t believe it when we discovered he had gone.”

The family combed the area, contacted police and put up posters all over Easebourne and Midhurst.

They even rushed down to Chichester Cathedral when they were told he had been spotted there, but for 11 days they searched in vain.

“We had really given up hope because he’s domesticated and couldn’t survive long in the wild, when I got a call saying he had been spotted just down the road in an oak tree in a neighbour’s orchard and there he was, stranded up the tree.

“I knew he wouldn’t come to anyone except Chloe, so I rushed down to fetch her from school.

“He had been bedraggled and feeling sorry for himself, but when he saw her he was completely different.”