Bosham family's delight as missing cat returns after two years

A family who had given up all hope of ever seeing their beloved pet cat again are '˜overjoyed' and '˜amazed' at its return home after missing for two years.

Monday, 8th January 2018, 11:59 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 2:04 am
Tommy T as a kitten before going missing

Adrian Thornber woke up on Saturday night shocked to find ginger Tommy T soundly asleep on his bed in their Bosham home.

It came after Adrian thought he had caught a glimpse of the feline’s fluffy tail the night before and left food outside.

He emailed his two daughters, Dorry and Della, who were in Scotland and Ireland, saying ‘could it be Tommy T, there is no fluffier tail’, but they thought he was just being hopeful until the following evening he suddenly reappeared.

Tommy T looking healthy, pictured on Adrian's bed when he came home on Saturday night

Dorry said: “Two years ago Tommy T just vanished, it was so bizarre.

“We searched the whole of Bosham for him, put posters and leaflets up but in two years there wasn’t even a sighting of him, we’d given up all hope.

“As a family we had come to the conclusion that something awful had happened.

“We never forgot Thomas and talked of him often, he was such an affectionate softie, who loved getting into people’s bags and snuggling up with anyone who came to visit, there was a large fluffy gap in our home and lives.”

After being convinced he had caught a glimpse of the cat, Adrian left food outside the house which had gone the next day to raise hopes, but after waiting all day, Adrian fell asleep on the sofa in disappointment.

He woke at 12pm to go to bed, where to his shock he found Tommy T already fast asleep.

Dorry said: “Dad tried phoning me and my sister, but we were both tucked up in bed, so he emailed us with the amazing news awaiting our emotional and unbelievably excited phone calls the next morning.

“We are overjoyed and it has absolutely restored our faith in getting through tough times.

“Even if he never comes back again, as we have let him go off wondering and will not lock him in, we know he is alive.”

Tommy T, who the family have had since a kitten, is around four years old, having vanished aged two.