Competition showcases what people love about Midhurst

A competition to celebrate Midhurst has revealed its winners.

Tuesday, 4th May 2021, 10:10 am

Community cafe Fitzcanes in North Street wanted to play an important part in being positive and upbeat during lockdown and the pandemic.

Caroline Cheshire, owner of Fitzcanes, said: “I just ‘felt’ a real sense of covid exhaustion around mid February. Talking to our customers we sensed their exhaustion from a long run of rules and uncertainty.

“We just felt the town needed picking up and reminding about how lucky we are to be living in the countryside with beautiful walks in easy access.

The winners

“We wanted people to focus on the good things about Midhurst and get them excited and looking forward to experiencing all the wonderful things that makes Midhurst a great place to live again.”

The competition was open to those aged two to 99, and were split into three age categories.

The designs have been printed on a tshirt and each one has received a £20 gift certificate to spend at Fitzcanes.

Caroline said: “Hooli Design didn’t charge me for turning the images into ready artwork for the tshirt printer. I also want to thank Cowdray for leaving the gates open and for letting Midhurst walk in their polo fields.”

The winners were Iona Galbraith, 2, who featured a dog called Dave. Nathan Jones, 7, spent hours and hours on his design and adult Richard Jackson.

Caroline said: “We took our responsibility seriously during the pandemic. We gave NHS staff and teachers hot drinks. Midhurst has a real sense of community. And it’s coming back strong from Covid with new shops opening and a very positive attitude from business owners and people who live here to keeping Midhurst vibrant.”