Concerns over proposals for thousands of new homes in Sussex village

Concerns are being raised over proposed development sites for thousands of new homes in a Sussex village.

Wednesday, 11th September 2019, 11:42 am
Billingshurst High Street could become much busier if proposals for thousands of new homes in the village go ahead

Three separate sites have been earmarked by developers for possible future housing in Billingshurst.

But many people fear that there would not be enough schools, doctors surgeries or jobs to cope with such a population increase.

Possible development sites have been pinpointed in Adversane and at sites east and west of Billingshurst.

One proposition is to build 3,500 homes in phases on land at Adversane; another advocates building 1,200 homes on land east of Billingshurst and a third pinpoints potential for 1,000 homes west of the village.

But residents have taken to social media to vent their fears over such development. They say infrastructure should be put in place before any houses are built.

Nicky Burgess posted: “The roads, hospitals and schools can’t cope at the moment so why not look at improving those before building more homes?

“Where are all the extra people going to work?”

Amanda Waldron said: “Make them build the schools and health centre before any houses, then make all the houses have grey/rain water collection and solar panels before anything gets approved! These houses need to be so much more self sufficient.”

Cath Bell said: “Who in their right minds wants massive housing estates built over precious countryside only to bring more people to live in the county?

“Most people would agree the southeast is already one of the most congested areas in the UK.”

Constantine A. Macheras added: “Where is the infrastructure? The environmental studies? The study about the impact in the local area?

“This cataclysm of new residents is going to destroy the quality of life we have.”

No formal planning applications or decisions on building the homes have yet been made.