Couple married on same day as the royals loved their Petworth venue


Megan and bridegroom Gareth met down their local pub and nearly eight years later the happy couple have tied the knot – on the same day as Prince Harry and his Meghan.

Megan, nee McKinney, said she and Gareth Davies chose Grittenham Barn in Tillington, near Petworth, for the big day, as the place they would like to live one day.

Megan, 25, said she and Gareth wanted a more informal day than the royal couple and didn’t envy them as the venue gave a very rural and relaxed feel.

She said: “It would be lovely to be royal I’m sure but ours was a lot more relaxed day, quite informal and very chilled, which was just what we both wanted, it was perfect.”

The couple, who live together in Harbour View Road, Pagham, first met over a drink at their local pub, the Lion.

They started dating within a few weeks of meeting and have been together ever since.

On their wedding day, the pair made the most of the beautiful skies that turned out for the much anticipated weekend.

“It went really, really well, everyone enjoyed themselves and the weather was beautiful as well, which made it much nicer,” Megan said.

“I’ve got a bit of wedding blues now, it’s like, oh, what do you do now?

“It was amazing, such a lovely day.”

Evidence of the royal occasion was not to be avoided, however. “We had some of the face masks that you get, there were definitely some pictures with those, we did get some of me and Gareth in them,” Megan added.

Megan said she was planning to catch up on the royal wedding footage at some point but, more importantly, she is confident of a happy ever after with her own prince.

She said: “He’s just lovely, I think that all of our friends and family always comment on the fact that he just adores me and of course I adore him back.

“A lot of guys can be quite hidden with their emotions and be more private but he just doesn’t care in front of anyone.

“He’s very kind and very thoughtful and very loving, so there’s really no doubt in my mind, which is why we got married.”

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