Discover the joys of walking with Midhurst Footpath Companions

Walking is a fantastic way to keep fit, it is free and you get to explore the great outdoors.

Monday, 29th March 2021, 4:19 pm

Tim Hoy is the current chairman of Midhurst Footpath Companions which was started in 1989 by Fred Coombes.

The aim of the group is to ‘promote walking to encourage a better knowledge and appreciation of the countryside and to also offer companionship and healthy exercise to its members’.

Tim said: “Walking brings out the best in people and fellow walkers are always a pleasure to share a few hours with each week. Very often a walk will finish near to a pub so we can properly relax and rest our legs.

Windmill Walk at Chalton

“Some members have on several occasions gone on a walking holiday for a week, usually in the UK but occasionally abroad. Most years we have also had trips to Isle of Wight and to London. We also have a few social events during the year with theatre trips and even a skittles match.”

Because of the Covid restrictions many of the walks are in the Midhurst area, however, pre-pandemic there were walks in Petworth, Singleton, Selborne and the Chichester area.

Tim said: “People join the group to meet people in a relaxed environment and to stretch their legs in the fresh air.

“We are more a club for enjoyment rather than clocking up the miles! Anyone with reasonable fitness and able to walk for a couple of hours will enjoy our type of walking.

“Some walks are shorter than others so we would always suggest a shorter walk for beginners. As we walk through a lot of farmland with cattle and sheep in abundance, for safety’s sake we ask walkers to leave their dogs at home.”

he walks are free but there is an annual membership fee - currently £10 per annum.

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