Flashmob launches vision for Midhurst survey

What do you think would make Midhurst a better place to live in, work in and visit?

Thursday, 11th July 2019, 1:08 pm
A hundred-strong flashmob to create the Midhurst Vision logo on the Midhurst Sports Association playing fields

This week marks the launch of a survey which asks what people think Midhurst does well, what’s not so great and what they might like to see changed.

It’s aimed not only at those who live and work in the town but also at everyone from the surrounding villages who have a view on Midhurst as their central town.

The organisers are keen to make clear that responses are anonymous.

It’s a real chance to say what you think and to be bold and creative.

Just go to MidhurstVision.org to take the survey and make your voice heard.

Organisers said: “The vision process aims to take a positive and proactive approach to the next five to ten years.

“By identifying positives that can be built on and challenges that need to be overcome it can help ensure that ideas and initiatives to promote Midhurst and encourage its success are always supported by the local community. Results from the survey will be made public and are the first step in a longer ‘vision’ process and will form the basis for workshop discussions in September and October.

“There will also be opportunities for the public to contribute at local events and wherever you see the logo in Midhurst. After that various project groups will be formed in early 2020 to start work on some of the initiatives identified.”

Midhurst Vision is a unique collaboration between residents, businesses, groups and organisations in the wider Midhurst area.

It brings together people from education, culture, health, sports, residents’ associations and churches through to contributions from South Downs National Park Authority and Cowdray Estate.

The whole process is supported not only by the town, district and county authorities, but also by Bloom Consulting, which has a wealth of experience in helping towns just like Midhurst to work together to create a shared vision for the future.

The initial part of the process is being funded by Chichester District Council along with Midhurst Town Team and Visit Midhurst.

This week’s launch event showed a clear example of that collaboration, bringing together a hundred-strong flashmob to create the Midhurst Vision logo on the Midhurst Sports Association playing fields, pictured on the front page.

With representatives from Midhurst Choir, rugby club, other community groups, town, district and county councillors, local businesses and passionate residents – it was a great example of starting as you mean to go on.

To find out more go to MidhurstVision.org

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