Midhurst Foodbank looking for new organisers

Chrissy and Mike Abbott. Photo: Kate Shemilt. ks180550-1
Chrissy and Mike Abbott. Photo: Kate Shemilt. ks180550-1

The founders of the Midhurst Foodbank are stepping down at the end of September.

Just under five years since the Midhurst Foodbank was founded as a Trussel Trust foodbank and satellite of the Chichester District Foodbank, Mike and Chrissy Abbott, from Midhurst Parish Church, are now looking for new organisers to take over on a voluntary basis.

Chrissy, 72, said: “The foodbank is well established in the hearts and minds of everyone in Midhurst. We will have been here five years and it is a good time for new blood to come in. We need someone who can give all their time to come in. We needed to stop for family reasons.”

Chrissy said her time as co-founder of the foodbank has been a ‘real eye-opener’.

She said: “I have been appalled at how hard life is for some people.

“If one thing gets you down, everything else seems to kick you as well.

“I have been terribly impressed with the support of organisations and charities but we still have a big problem with poverty.

“It is not just Midhurst, it is outside villages as well. It is very hard to be poor.”

Chrissy said they will be looking for two successors who ‘must have a good heart’.

She added: “I would like to think that one day we will not need a foodbank but it will be a long time before we get there. We fed 376 people in 2018 and gave out 571 lunch boxes to 323 children so there is an awful lot of people that need help.

“Whoever takes over needs to be a good organiser but they need to have a good heart.

“Mike and I are trying to help but the decision will be made by the Chichester District Foodbank project manager.”

Mike, 69, said foodbanks ‘should not exist’ but stressed ‘there is still a need’.

He added: “The foodbank has grown and grown with us getting more and more clients but the fewer people who need our help is the definition of success.”

Anyone who is interested should email midhurst@chichesterdistrict.foodbank.org.uk or call 07826 397732.

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