Midhurst residents discuss police visibility and anti-social behaviour with chief inspector

Police news
Police news

Residents in Midhurst had the opportunity to discuss issues around police visibility, anti-social behaviour and the 101 non emergency number with a chief inspector last week.

The focus group was organised by the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne.

The chief inspector answered questions and explained about the change programme underway at the force’s contact centre in Lewes and how anti-social behaviour is being tackled in local communities.

A spokesman said: “We are deploying formal orders and sanctions alongside Youth Offending Teams to reduce the levels of repeat anti-social behaviour in the identified hotspot areas.

“Some of the young people known to be engaging in this type of behaviour have already been referred through the Police and Crime Commissioner’s REBOOT programme.

“This will see us working with partners and their families to curb their behaviour before we see them entering into higher risk criminality.”

In April, the Home Office allocated £1.3m to Sussex Police to target serious violence, a spokesman said.

Of this funding, £390,000 has now been allocated to the Police and Crime Commissioner’s office to expand the REBOOT programme, which has already seen over 200 referrals of vulnerable young people.

As part of this expansion, Ms Bourne has partnered with the charity Crimestoppers to recruit three Fearless Outreach Workers.

They will engage with 11-16-year olds from across Sussex to increase their awareness of knife crime, street crime and child sexual exploitation, the spokesman said.

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