‘Nightmare’ as new bug invasion plagues Sussex village

A village plagued by flies and poisonous caterpillars now has a new bug invasion.

Thursday, 30th May 2019, 12:30 pm
Photo: Roger Key, Buglife SUS-190530-112433001

Residents in Billingshurst say their homes and gardens have been inundated with gnats.

They say that swarms of the pests are invading many of the rooms in their houses and some report finding the bugs even inside their kitchen fridges.

One resident said: “They are everywhere in my house. It’s horrible and driving all of us mad.”

Many villagers have taken to social media to share their experiences, describing the gnats as ‘very annoying.’

One said: “Open the door or window and hundreds come in. It’s a right nightmare.”

Another added: “They are driving us absolutely demented.” And another posted: “They’re everywhere, they actually fly in the fridge.”

The bug invasion is the third to hit the village this year. Last month residents reported swarms of ‘horrible black flies.’

And earlier this month an alert was sounded over poisonous caterpillars - thought to be brown-tail moth - invading gardens in the area.