Patching scheme is identified for ‘pothole-ridden, undriveable’ road

A Midhurst resident has raised concerns over a ‘pothole-ridden’ road outside his home.

Wednesday, 5th February 2020, 6:45 pm
ks20045-1 Easebourne Potholes phot kate Patrick Meads with one of the many potholes in Vanzell Road, Easebourne.ks20045-1 SUS-200402-210835008

Patrick Meads, of Vanzell Road, Easebourne, said the ‘patchwork Tarmac’ filled road is ‘undriveable’.

West Sussex County Council has since said it is aware that the road is ‘showing signs of deterioration’ and has ‘identified a large carriageway patching scheme’.

Patrick said: “The potholes are repeatedly filled each year and are all cracking apart while new potholes have appeared all the way down the centre driving and cycling section of the road.

ks20045-4 Easebourne Potholes phot kate Patrick Meads with some of the many potholes in Vanzell Road, Easebourne.ks20045-4 SUS-200402-211133008

“The road is too badly eroded for just more pothole filling and I am regularly on the phone to West Sussex County Council requesting that they at least resurface the whole length of the damaged area of the road.

“Just ad-hoc filling the worst potholes every year achieves little and means the road remains dangerous for car and bicycle users, especially at night.”

Patrick, who described the road as ‘pothole-ridden’, said it requires ‘long-lasting’ resurfacing work.

Patrick said he was told by the county council last March that Vanzell Road ‘was near the top of the list’ of areas to be repaired but a year on, the works remain to be completed.

He added: “We’ve lived here since 2007 and all the council have ever done is fill in the largest potholes each year, sometimes twice a year, and I spoke to a neighbour yesterday who has lived in the street for over 40 years and he can’t recall any resurfacing work ever being done to the road.”

The county council said its large carriageway patching scheme will focus on approximately 1000sqm of the road, ‘which will improve current condition’.

A spokesperson added: “We are unable to say when this scheme will be delivered as this will be considered alongside a number of other priorities across the county for the next financial year, but we hope this provides some reassurance that we have identified a long term solution to the issues being experienced.

“In the meantime we will continue to undertake repairs when a safety issue is present and we would always be grateful if residents could report concerns with highway safety to us via the reporting tool on our website.”

This is how you can report potholes

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