Plans to turn field into sports pitches in Wisborough Green

Stable Field in Kirdford Road, Wisborough Green, could be used for sports pitches
Stable Field in Kirdford Road, Wisborough Green, could be used for sports pitches

Wisborough Green residents have thrown their support behind a ‘suck it and see’ application to use an agricultural field for sports for five years.

The application, from Steve Calder-Smith, of the Wisborough Green Sports charity, for a 1.8-acre Stable Field in Kirdford Road will be considered by Chichester District Council.

If approved, the field will become home to the likes of cricket, football, touch rugby and stoolball.

A number of letters of support have been sent to the council, with many mentioning a lack of space in the village for community sports.

One supporter said: “I like the five-year ‘suck it and see’ approach as it gives enough time to warrant the time and effort in preparing the field for its change of use, whilst giving the opportunity to impose conditions going forward, should something unforeseen emerge over time.”

Another added: “We are constantly encouraged to get our children out of the TV room and into the great outdoors, and take part in physical activities.

“This can only be achieved with the benefit of the available facilities, in this case, ground suitable for sporting activities.

“The impact on the surrounding area would be negligible, and the benefits to the wider community would certainly outweigh any negatives.”

Another simply said: “Top work! A great idea, and will be good for the youngsters to have more freedom to play sport.”

According to the application, the site will be laid out in grass, with an astroturf cricket strip and football pitches suitable for under 9/10s and under 7/8s.

A fence and gate will be put up on the western part of the site.

It has been assumed that players would be able to use the current sports pavilion before and after matches – but the application allows for a portable toilet to be set up at Stable Field.

The three-minute walk to the pavilion prompted one letter of objection, with concerns raised about children having to cross ‘the busy, narrow Kirdford Road’.

The objector also felt there would be an increase in traffic, with more cars parked along the road while matches and training sessions were being held, and more noise from the field itself.