Royal visit: Crowds gathering in Chichester to see The Queen

Crowds are already building near Chichester Festival Theatre to welcome Her Majesty The Queen today.

Thursday, 30th November 2017, 10:16 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:05 am
Vicky and her children Jonathan and Sophia patiently waiting

Vicky Roe Dos Santos, 43, has brought her two children Jonathan, six, and Sophia, four, as well as their godparents Gill and Mez and have been patiently waiting in the cold since 8am.

Vicky said: “We’ve got an entire family outing here.

“It was an absolute family decision that we thought it was important for the kids to see Queen Elizabeth because they’re local school children, they go to Oakwood, so we thought it was worth coming down and having the opportunity.

Kelly Leyland (right) has brought her one-year-old Arthur to see the Queen. With friend Jo Yelland (left).

“I saw here as a schoolchild in 1983/84, so I wanted them to remember that experience as well.

“It’s such an honour to have her here.”

Amber Beresford is another in the crowd and has been here since 5.30am.

Kelly Leyland has brought her one-year-old Arthur to see the Queen, with friend Jo Yelland.

Kelly said: “I took his brother to see the Queen in York when he was a baby, so now we’ve brought him to see the Queen because this is where he was born.

“My other son was born in York, so he saw her there.”

The Queen is first visiting Canine Partners in Heyshott before coming to the festival theatre, where she will watch a youth performance and have lunch.

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