Tillington volunteers launch community scheme to tackle speeding on the A272

Concerns over vehicles speeding through Tillington village have spurred a group of volunteers to launch a community speed watch scheme.

Wednesday, 10th July 2019, 5:15 pm
Volunteers for the community speedwatch scheme with Chichester prevention officers. Photo: Chichester Police/Twitter

Community speed watch is a national initiative where, in partnership with the police, members of communities use detection devices to monitor local vehicle speeds.

Prevention officers in Chichester trained the volunteers in Tillington how to use the speed calming equipment ahead of their first monitoring session which took place at the weekend.

Tillington parish councillor Luzaan Allison said that for years residents had been ‘very worried’ about speeding on the A272, particularly because of elderly people crossing the road to the bus stop and also horses and tractors using the road.

She said pulling out of her driveway onto the main road was ‘a nightmare’.

One of the main problems was awareness, she said, adding: “In people’s defence, I don’t think they realise they are going through a village.”

The community speed watch is one of a range of measures that will be implemented to tackle the issue, such as having data loops put down across the road and new village gates installed at its entrance and exit.

Mrs Allison said: “The idea was to create a bit more awareness and get people to check their speed.”

She said the police had been ‘very supportive’ about setting up the speed watch group and said she was ‘very positive’ about it having an impact on drivers, adding: “I’ve heard really good feedback from other groups, in that they feel that’s it’s made people a lot more aware.”

Volunteers using the speed calming equipment will be able to report any drivers exceeding the speed limit to the police.

If the data proves that a driver is ignoring repeated warnings, police can prosecute them.